Connecting you with services that matter

Zoe White Care can assist with a range of services to support families and communities and empower independent living including:


How our services work for you

From everyday support to assisting you in discovering your passions and uncovering your talents, explore our wide range of support services and how they can help you. 

In Home Support

We ensure participants feel supported, whatever their living situation. We can assist with in-home support services including personal care, meal preparation, and shopping assistance, household tasks and home maintenance.

Community Nursing Care

As part of our core services, we can assist with community nursing care and support, including wound care, bowel care, catheter care, medication administration, peg feeds and more.

Therapeutic Support

We can connect participants with the therapeutic support they need including

  • psychologists and psychiatrists
  • social workers and counsellors
  • dieticians
  • physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • rehabilitation services and other allied health professionals

Life Stages Coordination & Transition

We can assist in a range of life stages coordination and transition periods including

  • Educational transitions
  • Transitioning from school to employment or higher education
  • Transitioning from group living to independent living
  • Applying for a rental property
  • Moving accommodation or home

Employment & Higher Education Assistance

We strongly believe that all participants should get to live their best possible life. If participants have a desire or passion to access employment or higher education, we can support them with

  • Writing CV’s and cover letters
  • Interviewing skills and development of soft skills
  • Attendance at employment interviews
  • Training support and upskilling
  • Retaining higher education

Mental Health & Psychosocial Support

Mental health and psychosocial support is at the core of all of our services. Our team are passionate about providing mental health support and giving participants the tools they need to manage their mental wellbeing. 

Our team can also assist participants in attending therapy sessions.





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